In this article we are going to give you insights into our update 11, the great content update. Every second Thursday we will add a new subsection in which we will announce and introduce parts of the content. So come back regularly.

We have decided that we will split the content described into 2 content updates. You won’t really notice that we will deliver the content in 2 parts, for the following reasons. The first part will contain the full gameplay experience and the second part will just enlarge it. In addition, we will publish the second part only about 1 month after the first part. Our plan is to release Update 11 in June 2021.

New rare resources

Regarding resources we had identified a major problem. Both, Elemental Stones and Shards went through a high level of deflation. For that reason we have come…

Update 11

We are proud to announce Update 11, the biggest and most complex update which we have released so far. To celebrate this occasion, we have prepared presents for everyone.

Update 11 comes with a long list of changes. We have added weekly and daily quests, new resources, legendary quest lines, an additional service which will help you to calculate the highscores and many other things.

The update does not only come with a lot of quality regarding the new features, services and a higher performance, but with new content. Prepare yourself to explore a completely new tier as well as some improved mechanics which will change your gaming experience and the market fundamentally.

One tier may not sound like very much content but we had to split…

Blockchain Basics

Choosing the right kind of wallet can be difficult. There are several types of wallets providing different ways to store and access digital currency.

Generally, they can be broken down into five distinct categories: desktop, mobile, online, hardware and paper. Wallets from these categories have all their own advantages and disadvantages.

In the following text, you will learn what is special about every type of wallet and what questions you should ask yourself to find the best fitting option. We will not recommend any specific wallet because we want to inform objectively on this subpage.

How to decide which wallet is best for you

A wallet is only as secure as the reliability of the wallet service provider. …

Blockchain Basics

Choosing an exchange is one of the hardest tasks for a beginner. This article helps you to pick the right one for you.

The success of your cryptocurrency investment is based on several factors. Obviously the future value of the currency itself cannot be predicted or influenced by a normal user. The good news is, you can influence some other factors and it is up to you to make the best possible decisions. Choosing the right exchange is one of them.

Even if you are not planning to invest big sums or you want to follow our recommendations, you should read this guide. You do not want to lose your funds because of predictable reasons, do you?

Allways be cautious

You should always be cautious when…

Blockchain Basics

When it comes to blockchain technology, many enthusiasts are preaching its omnipotence and the giant impact it will have on our future. But is this true?

Some even discuss whether a blockchain driven currency will replace national fiat money one day. This will probably never happen. But there are some aspects of daily life that can and will be improved by blockchain in the future for sure.

It guarantees digital freedom

Most people believe they live in a world of unlimited digital freedom. For them, it means they can communicate without restriction and transfer data. Unfortunately, this freedom can just as well be lost very quickly. Just one example of where this can happen would be in the banking sector.

You might not think about it every time you execute…

Blockchain Basics

The chance is high that as you have heard the phrase “crypto mining” for the first time your mind began to wander to a fantasy of hardworking dirty miners and pickaxes. That analogy is not too far off.

Mining cryptocurrencies is designed to be difficult and hard work in order to keep down the number of blocks found each day. For currencies, like Litecoin and Bitcoin a miner needs a proof of work to add a block to the blockchain. Whenever a miner solves such complex tasks, he gets new coins, not unlike a mining operation extracting gold from the ground. This article is only about cryptocurrencies using proof of work. While it is surely the most popular one, there are other valid methods out there.

Is mining still profitable?

Mining cryptos is far less glamorous but as equally uncertain as mining…

Blockchain Basics

Blockchain technology is here to stay and will influence many aspects of everyday life. Here are just a few examples where it will change our lives forever.

The decentralized blockchain system is going to change your life, from the way you transact business or manage assets, to the way you use your devices, vote, rent a car and even prove who you are. Along the way, it will transform banks, financial institutions, hospitals, companies and governments, and many other aspects of everyday life.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Patients interact with a growing number of healthcare providers through the course of their lives. From pediatrics to geriatrics every institution has a slightly different set of information.

There are only a few countries with a mechanism in place that ensures medical data is…

Blockchain Basics

While you won’t really recognize the small transaction fee it is the very reason blockchains will live forever. Here is the reason why.

Transactions of cryptocurrency based on a blockchain are basically based on decentralized trust, very much unlike traditional banking and payment systems. It is the network, that confirms a transaction as valid.

In order to understand how this is achieved it is necessary to know what is included in a transaction. A transaction contains everything necessary to confirm the ownership of the funds, how much should be transferred and to whom.

When this information has been processed by the network, the new owner can use the coins. This is the so-called chain of ownership. It must be possible to validate the…


While our team is constantly improving LiteBringer, others are creating new blockchain games. Now it is time to test one of their prototypes, NFT Boss Battles! This is how you get it and what you should know about it.

Profit from unique tokens and low costs

In NFT Boss Battles you can collect unique heroes while fighting battles against various boss monsters together with other players. Every hero in NFT Boss Battles is a non-fungible, Ethereum-based ERC-721 token that can be freely traded by players. Like LiteBringer, the game is a decentralized application running on the Binance Smart Chain. Consequently, it comes with fast and cheap transactions.

Enjoy a cooperative gaming experience

Create your hero and send them into battle against powerful bosses. Level-up and earn more characters with different attributes to assemble an unstoppable squad. Join forces with other players to tackle stronger and stronger monsters.

Starting to play NFT Boss Battle is as easy as visiting a website

You can play the…

Blockchain Basics

Today, tokens are used in many areas of life, without anyone thinking about it. In blockchain-backed technology, they are at the center of attention. Here is why.

Casino chips, stock certificates or the stamp that grants access to a concert are just some examples of tokenization. Even paper money and coins are tokens because they only represent a tradable value.

To prevent people from cheating the system, most tokens use certain anti-counterfeiting measures. Historically, the commonly known providers of trust have been central banks. Central banks issuing coins and bills make sure monetary denominations are difficult to replicate. Without this, no one would define a token as valid bearer of value. Furthermore, people must trust the banks to fulfill that task. …


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