If you ever used the trade channel on our official Discord server it is nearly impossible to not know them. After this interview, you will know them and their strategies even better.

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So, who are both of you and why did you start playing LiteBringer?

Shyrus: Hello, I’m Shyrus and I play Litebringer with two of my brothers. I got to know about LiteBringer because we were longtime Tibia players. We used to play Tibia back in 2003 with the dial-up internet. We started playing LiteBringer because we liked the idea, that every resource you have in the game is actually valuable and you can legally turn it into real money.

Jrlmjr: For pleasure. I am Jrlmjr, I am 27 years old. I am a lawyer in Brazil and a lover of poetry, philosophy, psychoanalysis, economics, logic, hermeneutics and constitutionalism. I got to know about…


If you enjoy streaming and are considering showing LiteBringer to your fans, we want to support you.

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During the last few weeks, several streamers have contacted us asking for our support and how we can profit from each other. So we sat down and discussed how this can be best achieved. We also figured out that the results might be interesting for a broader audience, so here is the deal.

What we can offer

  • Some lites to create an account and buy some gear from the market
  • Some more lites which you can and should use as a giveaway for your fans
  • High resolution artwork, which can be used to create a unique preview

What we need from you in return

  • Your LiteBringer account to transfer the funds…

Update 9.1

With the last update, we had a major issue with the RAM usage which skyrocketed after some time. This update puts this to an end and enhances the performance significantly.

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The error was a result of the combination of several smaller leaks, which only got critical because of the amount of user data within the blockchain. Consequently, these were not really traceable while we operated the client on testnet. In order to prevent such errors in the future, we will enhance our testing process to make them more realistic and deliver more polished updates in the future.

In addition, we are happy to announce the launch of our blog! While we already blogged on Medium before, the new subsection of our homepage should fulfill two new tasks:

For our gamers…

Update 9.0

With Update 9.0 we have released a huge amount of features, one of them is awaited since our Mainnet Release: Highscores!

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Our community discussed heavily how LiteBringer can be improved. Because we believe that a game is always as good as its community we planned our roadmap along with their needs and recommendations. This update turns plans into actions and delivers features and enhancements you have waited for.

One of the most requested features was undoubtful an Highscore. However, we didn’t stop at an ordinary Highscore based on the strength of a character! You will have plenty of different Highscores! Who has the strongest gear? Who was able to beat the most rounds in a specific quest? …

2. Suggestion discussion

We have been discussing your proposals and have come up with a roadmap for the next few months.

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In the run up to Summer 2021 we want to improve numerous critical aspects of the game, add new features and create new content. Even if our release was a success, our main goal is to introduce more people to the game, give them a reason to stay and a chance to become part of our awesome community. In order to do that, we plan to publish two major updates.

But now let’s dive in and see what you can expect:


It is not a secret that we thought it would take our community longer to make such amazing progress…


This is a heavily discussed topic in our community. Over time some complex theories were evolved. However, none of those theories is correct.

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What exactly has happened when a client desyncs is a heavily discussed topic in our community. Over time some complex theories were evolved. Some gamers argue, that it happens when transactions are sent too fast successively. However, none of those theories are correct. In fact, one gamer can’t cause it on their own. It originates from the node network and how forks are handled.

The clients interpret every block and compute the current game state. If a fork appears it depends on the connected nodes which of these blocks are accepted. Consequently, the player base could split and play with…

Update 8.2

More and more ‘farming accounts’ appeared because of an abuse which allowed to surpass the character maximum. This update puts this to an end.

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In the last few weeks more and more ‘farming accounts’ appeared which had more than the allowed 20 characters. This was possible because of a bug
which allowed gamers to buy characters with a running subscription even if
the limit for the subscripted character was already reached. This bug is
now closed.

The client doesn’t update itself. Get the new client here:

Update 8.1

Update 8.0 caused a major bug which caused clients to crash. In today’s Update, we fix this issue and relaunch the faucet.

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While the Performance Update 8.0 indeed solved some major performance issues and speeded the game up with some neat features it also caused a major bug which happened when the market was used. The bug was so severe that the client crashed and needed to be restarted. Consequently, we decided to publish an update as fast as possible to solve this issue.

All you have to do to get rid of this nasty bug is to download the new client from our homepage.

Update 8.0

In this update, we will improve the performance and introduce NEAT features.

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Since LiteBringer gained a lot of popularity a lot of scaling issues occurred and bugs were discovered. In our Update 8.0, we have improved a lot of these crucial parts of the game so it runs much more smoothly and squished many bugs. In addition, we implemented some features you will love. In total, we have fixed 19 bugs and added 18 features!

Please note, the client doesn’t update itself. Click the button or visit our homepage to get the update!


Most of our community has already played for a month. Some have lost the lites we handed out for free, others made already a small fortune. In this interview, we will have a talk with the gamer Ainz Ooal Gown who plays the market as Paganini played the violin.

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His avatar and name he uses in Discord aim at the main character of the series Overloard. picture: overlordmaruyama

When did your journey start?

I started playing LiteBringer on September 17th, around 8:00 PM, I was there, sitting on my throne, answering the holy call of mother nature when I saw an ad about this game that CipSoft had made, and decided to try it out. And since I was already sitting upon a throne, might as well try to act like a king, maybe a tyrant.

What was your main intention for playing LTB?

To be honest, Idle games always made me pretty hooked to them, stuff like Cookie Clicker, Idle Heroes, Tangerine Tycoon, you name it, I’ve…


LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Join us on Discord and chat with us:

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