Update 10

In our update 10.0, we have concentrated on convenience features. Some had already been suggested by our community, others will hit you out of the blue.


If you ever used the trade channel on our official Discord server it is nearly impossible to not know them. After this interview, you will know them and their strategies even better.

So, who are both of you and why did you start playing LiteBringer?


If you enjoy streaming and are considering showing LiteBringer to your fans, we want to support you.

What we can offer

  • Some lites to create an account and buy some gear from the market
  • Some more lites which you can and should use as a giveaway for your fans
  • High resolution artwork, which can be used to create a unique preview

What we need from you in return

  • Your LiteBringer account to transfer the funds…

Update 9.1

With the last update, we had a major issue with the RAM usage which skyrocketed after some time. This update puts this to an end and enhances the performance significantly.

Update 9.0

With Update 9.0 we have released a huge amount of features, one of them is awaited since our Mainnet Release: Highscores!

2. Suggestion discussion

We have been discussing your proposals and have come up with a roadmap for the next few months.



This is a heavily discussed topic in our community. Over time some complex theories were evolved. However, none of those theories is correct.

Update 8.2

More and more ‘farming accounts’ appeared because of an abuse which allowed to surpass the character maximum. This update puts this to an end.

Update 8.1

Update 8.0 caused a major bug which caused clients to crash. In today’s Update, we fix this issue and relaunch the faucet.

Update 8.0

In this update, we will improve the performance and introduce NEAT features.


LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Join us on Discord and chat with us: https://discord.com/invite/u5zJgdd

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