Blockchain Basics

When it comes to blockchain consensus you might have stumbled across “Proof of Work” or “Proof of Stake” but have you ever heard about “Proof of Burn”?

Blockchain technology is widely known for its integrity and consistency of shared data. In order to be safe from corruption, it needs a mechanism to ensure a consensus throughout the whole network.

The purpose of such a consensus protocol is to make the process of adding a new block to the chain so difficult, that it is not economical to create more than one block at a time. Users should be able to participate actively in establishing a consensus and get a reasonable reward for supporting the integrity and consistency of the network.

To ensure this approach is working, there…

Blockchain Basics

A Litecoin address is in some ways like an E-Mail address. It is used to interact with other people. However, there are some differences.

While you might only own one or two E-Mail addresses, you would own several different Litecoin addresses. For security reasons, a lot of users of cryptocurrencies have a unique address per transaction. You can create “new addresses” using Litecoin core, an account at an exchange or an online wallet.

In general, a Litecoin address is an identifier made up of alphanumeric characters. In total addresses contain 26–35 characters. While most addresses contain 34 characters there is a significant percentage containing only 33 characters.

The reason for these length differences is that each address stands for a number. The shorter addresses…

Blockchain Basics

Whenever the value of a cryptocurrency increases dramatically, the discussions of whether or not cryptos are valid start all over. Let’s see which arguments are valid and which are not.

In the first few years after the creation of Bitcoin, there were not really any myths regarding cryptocurrencies. If there was any speculation and uncertainty it was mainly about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin.

Since the hype in 2017, the number of rumours and myths has grown considerably. Most of these new investors as well as the general public were only interested in its potential for financial speculation and not in the technical aspects of blockchain technology. This created the perfect platform for rumours.

Nevertheless, not all of the heavily discussed topics have been created…

Blockchain Basics

While there is a huge number of legitimate exchanges, there are some that fit the needs of our gamers better than others. Here is why we recommend the following exchanges.

The number of legitimate exchanges is growing constantly just like the number of those you’d be best to avoid. While there are certain factors, which you should always check before you register, you should also take a look at whether a specific crypto exchange fits your personal needs.

For instance, one exchange can be perfect for a day trader but an extremely bad choice for a long-term investor. A long-term investor probably won’t mind a higher trading fee if the exchange doesn’t charge for an insured storage option on the funds. A day trader on the other hand would lose…

Update 10.1

We have just published a minor update which solves some bugs which we considered to be too important to wait until Update 11 to fix them. Here is what has changed.


  • Selected difficulty for quests is saved


  • Fixed wrong taskbar icon highlighting
  • Fixed not working cancel button in timed quests
  • Fixed a rare crash if no integrity hash exists
  • Fixed wrong displayed effective character power increase per round
  • Added better handling I/O errors
  • Fixed a minor bug in the character leaderboard
  • Fixed forced resync when using the automated backup system
  • Fixed a bug which occurred if the character’s keys section is opened without having a key
  • Disabled rich texts in the character creation

Blockchain Basics

While both categories often get mixed together, they are very different. Actually, to say that both are the same is like comparing a Pinball machine to a modern MMORPG. Here is the reason why.

Software developers don’t have as many tools as you might think to build video games for consoles, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Nor do they have a special tool that can be used in all the fields. However, the video game developer tool family has just got bigger — and it is a direct result of the invention of blockchain technology. For a lot of experts, it is the beginning of a completely new gaming trend.

How crypto games work

Crypto games provide the gaming community with a new way to earn rewards for their time spent playing. Some enable the players to earn a…

Update 10

In our update 10.0, we have concentrated on convenience features. Some had already been suggested by our community, others will hit you out of the blue.

All in all, we are extremely confident that you will love them all. LiteBringer, being one of the first blockchain games, has some unique challenges to overcome. One of these is the required computing of the game state for which a massive download is needed before you can start the game. This I should say, WAS a challenge?! From now on you will only need to download the latest fraction of the game state, which will then be merged with the already existing data. Expect to log in much faster after the update.


If you ever used the trade channel on our official Discord server it is nearly impossible to not know them. After this interview, you will know them and their strategies even better.

So, who are both of you and why did you start playing LiteBringer?

Shyrus: Hello, I’m Shyrus and I play Litebringer with two of my brothers. I got to know about LiteBringer because we were longtime Tibia players. We used to play Tibia back in 2003 with the dial-up internet. We started playing LiteBringer because we liked the idea, that every resource you have in the game is actually valuable and you can legally turn it into real money.

Jrlmjr: For pleasure. I am Jrlmjr, I am 27 years old. I am a lawyer in Brazil and a lover of poetry, philosophy, psychoanalysis, economics, logic, hermeneutics and constitutionalism. I got to know about…


If you enjoy streaming and are considering showing LiteBringer to your fans, we want to support you.

During the last few weeks, several streamers have contacted us asking for our support and how we can profit from each other. So we sat down and discussed how this can be best achieved. We also figured out that the results might be interesting for a broader audience, so here is the deal.

What we can offer

  • Some lites to create an account and buy some gear from the market
  • Some more lites which you can and should use as a giveaway for your fans
  • High resolution artwork, which can be used to create a unique preview

What we need from you in return

  • Your LiteBringer account to transfer the funds…

Update 9.1

With the last update, we had a major issue with the RAM usage which skyrocketed after some time. This update puts this to an end and enhances the performance significantly.

The error was a result of the combination of several smaller leaks, which only got critical because of the amount of user data within the blockchain. Consequently, these were not really traceable while we operated the client on testnet. In order to prevent such errors in the future, we will enhance our testing process to make them more realistic and deliver more polished updates in the future.

In addition, we are happy to announce the launch of our blog! While we already blogged on Medium before, the new subsection of our homepage should fulfill two new tasks:

For our gamers…


LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Join us on Discord and chat with us:

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