Update 10

Bing! LiteBringer becomes faster and gets sounds

In our update 10.0, we have concentrated on convenience features. Some had already been suggested by our community, others will hit you out of the blue.

Update 10: New Features

  • Added a notification system which informs of completed quests and sold trade offers
  • The preloaded blockchain data can now be downloaded incremental
  • Added a rarity filter for epic and future rarities
  • Increased the storage duration of historical trades
  • Added an automated backup system for game data
  • Added a resource amount filter for trade offers
  • “Get Coins” button now disappears if faucet has already been used
  • Added effective character power increase per round
  • Added more details and options when preload blockchain data cannot be downloaded
  • Increased size of most drop-down fields

Update 10: Bugfixes

  • Fixed the missing hover border on resources in trade offers
  • Fixed freezing filters in the quest leaderboard
  • Fixed a bug, which occurred if the windows username contains special letters
  • Fixed an indication error in the cancel trade confirmation
  • Fixed a resolution error in some background artworks
  • Fixed stuck block timer
  • Fixed cut off names in rename character or account confirmation dialogue
  • Fixed not interrupted leaderboard calculation while quitting the client
  • Fixed missing tags in loot tooltip

LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Join us on Discord and chat with us: https://discord.com/invite/u5zJgdd

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