Blockchain Basics

Blockchain Applications: How industries can benefit

Blockchain technology is here to stay and will influence many aspects of everyday life. Here are just a few examples where it will change our lives forever.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Patients interact with a growing number of healthcare providers through the course of their lives. From pediatrics to geriatrics every institution has a slightly different set of information.

Blockchain in Charity

The majority of charity organizations act honestly, but some were found guilty of embezzlement of given funds. Even if their work is legal it is often not clear to the public how they have used the donations.

Blockchain in Tourism

Approximately tourists amend 1 in every 3 hotel bookings in some way after the reservation was first made. In another 10% of the bookings some kind of manual intervention is necessary. Typically mistakes occur in price, duration, booking status, currency, board basis or room type. How is this possible? In most cases, all relevant parties record any amendments on the booking systems of all the relevant parties, be it the hotel, the travel agent, the tour operator or another online intermediary.

Blockchain in Government and Voting

Since the beginning of democratic elections, they get plagued with accusations of illegitimacy. In past times it was quite easy to manipulate the votes using ballot boxes by those in power without anyone noticing. In today’s elections observers are mostly the one who make fraud public. Consequently, manipulated elections became more evident to the public.

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