Jrlmjr and Shyrus: The East India Company of LiteBringer

If you ever used the trade channel on our official Discord server it is nearly impossible to not know them. After this interview, you will know them and their strategies even better.

So, who are both of you and why did you start playing LiteBringer?

How did you both get in touch with each other?

How is this possible? Aren’t you competitors on the market?

What is your goal?

Do you still have fun while gaming or is it just about doing business?

How much have you invested and what did you get in return?

We have already communicated, that we will release new content in the near future. How do you prepare yourselves?

Would you mind telling us your strategy?

What would you recommend to newcomers?

LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Join us on Discord and chat with us:

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