NFT Boss Battle: A prototype made by CipSoft

While our team is constantly improving LiteBringer, others are creating new blockchain games. Now it is time to test one of their prototypes, NFT Boss Battles! This is how you get it and what you should know about it.

Profit from unique tokens and low costs

In NFT Boss Battles you can collect unique heroes while fighting battles against various boss monsters together with other players. Every hero in NFT Boss Battles is a non-fungible, Ethereum-based ERC-721 token that can be freely traded by players. Like LiteBringer, the game is a decentralized application running on the Binance Smart Chain. Consequently, it comes with fast and cheap transactions.

Enjoy a cooperative gaming experience

Create your hero and send them into battle against powerful bosses. Level-up and earn more characters with different attributes to assemble an unstoppable squad. Join forces with other players to tackle stronger and stronger monsters.

Starting to play NFT Boss Battle is as easy as visiting a website

You can play the game directly in your web browser. All you need is to install Meta Mask, visit their homepage and you’re ready to join the battles and get NFTs. MetaMask is an extension for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Getting MetaMask is fairly easy and there are numerous guides on how it can be done. If you need help to dive into the world of NFT Boss Battle you can read their How To Play section.

Join the Discord server of NFT Boss Battle

Similar to LiteBringer, Discord is the place to be to get in contact with the team. Join their Discord server to chat with the team and tell them what you like or dislike about the game and meet other gamers. Don’t forget to follow their Twitter account for the latest news.

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