Our special deal for streamers

If you enjoy streaming and are considering showing LiteBringer to your fans, we want to support you.

During the last few weeks, several streamers have contacted us asking for our support and how we can profit from each other. So we sat down and discussed how this can be best achieved. We also figured out that the results might be interesting for a broader audience, so here is the deal.

What we can offer

  • Some lites to create an account and buy some gear from the market
  • Some more lites which you can and should use as a giveaway for your fans
  • High resolution artwork, which can be used to create a unique preview

What we need from you in return

  • Your LiteBringer account to transfer the funds you will receive from this deal
  • A link to your profile, which you intend to use for streaming

If you find that appealing, please contact us by email using the email address, which you have used for the channel.

Please note, this is just a basic starter package, which can be handed out a number of times. If things work out well and both parties are interested in further cooperation we are open to discuss a more complex partnership later on.

LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Join us on Discord and chat with us:

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