Update 8.0

Performance Update

In this update, we will improve the performance and introduce NEAT features.

Since LiteBringer gained a lot of popularity a lot of scaling issues occurred and bugs were discovered. In our Update 8.0, we have improved a lot of these crucial parts of the game so it runs much more smoothly and squished many bugs. In addition, we implemented some features you will love. In total, we have fixed 19 bugs and added 18 features!

Please note, the client doesn’t update itself. Click the button or visit our homepage to get the update!

For instance, You can now dismantle 720 items at once. Please note, that it is not actual “one command” but 20 separate but chained commands. Consequently, you can only send 5 additional transactions in the block you have used the enhanced dismantling. This limitation has technical reasons we have already discussed in a Techtalk.

Another feature will be the option to force a resync in the client. Therefore, the workaround with the task manager is no longer needed. You think a transaction is “stuck” or your client is not synced correctly? Go to the settings and click the resync button you find next to ‘Discard Account’ and all your problems will vanish.

However, these are just 2 of 18 features. The complete list of everything we have added or have changed:

New Features

  • Added a retry function for preloaded blockchain
  • Increased the number of items, which can be dismantled at once
  • Added a tooltip for power calculation
  • One character skill can now be exchanged on every evolve after the fifth evolve
  • Added visual guidance for quest requirements and admissions to the quest map
  • Added equipment compilations to the character inventory
  • Send currency now supports all compatible address types
  • Added a link to get the new client to the ‘locked on update’-message
  • Added a resync button to settings
  • Equipment items in the gained loot window can now be tagged
  • Equipment items can now be leveled up after evolve
  • Added new relevance levels for trinkets
  • Added detailed reason for a character failing a quest
  • Added an indicator to the status bar if the account key is locked or unlocked
  • The total and filtered amount of trade results is now be displayed
  • Exceeded trades are now be hidden within the trade results
  • New loot items will now be marked as new loot
  • Private offer data can now be retrieved again within the offer details


  • Added some missing tooltips
  • Changed database for performance improvement
  • Improved performance for send on quest transactions
  • Fixed a rare condition in 32-Bit clients causing integrity problems
  • Fixed a rare freezing problem after the splash screen
  • Fixed a rare tagging bug
  • Fixed incorrect resource amount in sell offers
  • Fixed not visible equipment in dismantle
  • Fixed incorrect values in the cancel trade confirmation
  • Fixed some wrong filter preset
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of the context menu
  • Fixed erroneous entries in the transaction history
  • Fixed a scaling problem
  • Fixed incorrect values after evolve
  • Fixed some minor bugs in character artworks
  • Fixed a minor bug in private trades
  • Fixed some minor user interface issues
  • Fixed some typos

Who we are

LiteBringer is the first true blockchain game, giving you full control over your assets and enables you to earn real money through trading. It is developed by CipSoft an independent developer and operator of online games for various platforms. We are the maker of the MMORPG Tibia which ranks among Europe’s most successful online games since 1997.

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LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Join us on Discord and chat with us: https://discord.com/invite/u5zJgdd

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