Update 9.0

Who is the greatest of them all?

With Update 9.0 we have released a huge amount of features, one of them is awaited since our Mainnet Release: Highscores!

Our community discussed heavily how LiteBringer can be improved. Because we believe that a game is always as good as its community we planned our roadmap along with their needs and recommendations. This update turns plans into actions and delivers features and enhancements you have waited for.

One of the most requested features was undoubtful an Highscore. However, we didn’t stop at an ordinary Highscore based on the strength of a character! You will have plenty of different Highscores! Who has the strongest gear? Who was able to beat the most rounds in a specific quest? Install the update and find out.

And guess what? There is even more! If you are puzzled how someone was able to outperform you in a highscore category you can now browse his account and learn how you can improve. Blockchain means transparency and our goal is to bring this transparency into gaming to the fullest!

Besides that, we gave an already well-known feature a complete overhaul. Back then, the transaction history was added mainly because of taxation reasons. Consequently, it was rather puristic. However, we figured out that a lot of our gamers enjoy browsing the transaction history to see what they have sold. The next step will be the implementation of acoustic and/or visual feedback when an item is sold. This will be implemented in the following updates.

Here is the complete list of changes we made:

New Features:

  • Added a trade history
  • Added more trade details i.a. the remaining time
  • Added a subtype filter for resources in the “buy offers” window
  • Added an import/export for account user data
  • Added leaderboards
  • Added a “view other accounts” mode
  • Added a “reset” filter button to all filter panels
  • Added a tip of the day to the login dialog
  • Added a dialog with information about an upcoming update
  • Added a “compare equipment” tooltip
  • Added a language selection (only English is available so far, more languages will be added in the future)


  • Redesign of the login dialog
  • Improved half star bronze and silver icons
  • Removed “new loot” indicator for resources
  • Fixed a rare bug in the item compilations
  • Power values with 4 digits or higher will now be shown correctly in the item tooltip
  • Fixed multiple slot equipping of the same ring
  • Preloaded blockchain can now be downloaded when using a proxy server
  • Fixed resetting filters in the “buy offers” window
  • Improved the presentation of attribute modifier changes in the inventory
  • Fixed a rare trade bug
  • Fixed a database error which resulted in a client crash
  • Fixed icon for Lindworm Scale Boots and Lavaforged Plate Boots
  • Fixed a visual error on resources
  • Adjusted some equipment icons
  • Fixed a copy&paste error for private trade keys
  • Fixed bug which caused private trades of the prior account to be shown when switching accounts
  • Improved performance of the depot window
  • Minor visual improvements

Who we are

LiteBringer is the first true blockchain game, giving you full control over your assets and enables you to earn real money through trading. It is developed by CipSoft an independent developer and operator of online games for various platforms. We are the maker of the MMORPG Tibia which ranks among Europe’s most successful online games since 1997.

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LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Join us on Discord and chat with us: https://discord.com/invite/u5zJgdd

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